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EduOrb is an open community for teaching and learning. EduOrb allows anyone in the world to aggregate several institutions that enable anyone to teach and learn on its platform.

EduOrb is made of three modules/communities on a single platform with one goal in mind. In simple terms they are Service, Teach and Learn

Service -Organization establish academies, aggregate teachers and recruit students.

Teach -Coordinators also called teachers are responsible for training

Learn -Students use the platform to gain world class education.

EduOrb makes learning from any part of the globe possible, from institutions and teachers who can be anywhere in the world. Classes are available across a broad and limitless range of subjects and disciplines. Training can be for the purpose of gaining new knowledge, expanding existing learning or qualifying for employment. Education has always been described as limitless and EduOrb expands access to users anywhere in the world

EduOrb divides it products across three modules




These three modules make up EduOrb. All the users have to do is sign up and in some cases are available only by initiation.

EduOrb and the Organization

EduOrb has identified the requirements that an organization offering education requires and has created the platform to make it easy to present its offering. Organizations can

Create courses and offer these all over the world via EduOrb.

Hire course coordinators independently or on EduOrb for their courses

Recruit stakeholders for maintaining their tasks who canoCreate courses, chapters, questions for courses.oUpload notes, video lectures and study materials.oPrepare exam materials for the courses.

View all activityby its various entities.

Search for and recruit students from EduOrb

Invite students to enroll in their courses.

Send promotional message and newsfeeds via posting at EduOrb.

  • Send notices via posting at EduOrb and feedback to the EduOrb community via FEEDBACK option. Generate reports for:

Student Enrollment

Assigned Coordinators

Offered courses.

Exam Completion

Videos Lectures, uploaded File content

Get notification when a student registers in a course and coordinators requests courses

Organizations can EduOrb manages the payment system for organizations when students register for courses

EduOrb and the Coordinator

EduOrb has identified the requirements than a coordinator requires including interfacing with organizations. Coordinators sometimes called teachers are given the opportunity to earn an income and provide world class education. An organization may send invitations to coordinators to coordinate their courses in which case the coordinator is notified gets notified and can view the organization profile to send request to be a course coordinator. On the other hand, coordinators can search courses from EduOrb and send requests to organization to become course coordinators. When organizationssends invitation to a coordinator it will be displayed in their navigation

When a coordinator is assigned to a course, the coordinator can

Design courses, chapters, question papers for the courses.

Upload Notes, video lectures and study materials for the courses.

Prepare and schedule exams for the courses.

View all students listed for the courses & communicate directly with the students via notices.

Maintain a blog at EduOrb.

obtain writings and other materials from News Feeds.

Coordinators will get their several reports including:

Student Enrollment Report

Examination Report

Course Report

Report regarding Notes, Videos Lectures, Uploaded File content

Coordinators can send all kinds of feedback to the EduOrb community via FEEDBACK option.

EduOrb is for Students

EduOrb has identified has in all other cases, the unique requirements for the global student marketplace with the simple task of making learning really smart. An organization may send an invitation to a student inviting them to register or the student can search for the available clurses and register according to the rules of the organization/institution.

Students are liberty to register with a single organization for courses or multiples organizations/schools. Once registration is complete the student will be notified by email if the registration meets the rules and is accepted. Students may also search courses on EduOrb and register with a specific coordination/teacher subject to approval by the coordinator. While a significant number of courses are free, when the student registers for a paid course, he will be only admitted into the course when payment has cleared.

On EduOrd, Students:

Can study Notes, Video lectures, Files from flashcard as may be uploaded by organizations orcoordinators for specific courses.

Can conduct mock exams from flashcards in an easy way.

When a chapter is created by an organization or coordinator, students are immediately notified.

Are notified of exams and can attend in real time remotely or at an examination center.

Students have to answer all questions on the exam within a specific time controlled by EduOrb and upon finishing then exam can be instantly market and report generated.

Can get exam reports showing all correct answers, all wrong answers,total obtained marks, total obtained penalty marks, total obtained grand marks and ranking.

Students can get previous all completed courses reports from EduOrb at any time.

Students can send all kinds of feedback to EduOrb community via the FEEDBACK option.

Why is EduOrb So Easy to Use

EduOrb is a one kind of education systems, it archives all reports for every account

All account holders can easily access their account from all kinds of devices.

Based on individual offers, account holders may not have to pay for the EduOrb services.

Organizations do not need newspapers etc. to communicate with teachers and students.

EduOrb invitations make it easy for Organizations to reach to teachers & students

Organizations can promote their offerings via posting toEduOrb news feeds.

Coordinators can earn an income by teaching virtually from home.

Coordinators can build their career by promoting themselves om EduOrb.

Students can learn online from the comfort of their homes.

EduOrb is next generation of Education


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