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University is the only institution for higher education in the world. Where students are imparted higher education and certificates are issued by different faculties, institutes, affiliated institutions.

In the age of digitalization, the whole world is relying on software today. In continuation of this, various types of software are being used for running schools and colleges by which the institutions have been conducting all kinds of activities including student and education-related subjects easily.

There are about 153 public and private universities in Bangladesh. Again, there are numerous colleges and institutes affiliated with some of the top universities. You may be aware that all the administrative activities of some public Universities and their affiliated Government Colleges, Medical Colleges and Engineering Colleges have come under automation by which the university authorities conduct all the activities starting from admission to filling up examination forms, issuing admissions, publishing results online, issuing certificates. Is coming very fast and accurately.

We think this automation software can be used in all government and private universities in Bangladesh. This will speed up the activities of the university and the students will be covered under all kinds of online services.

Our entire software is made up of three modules and the required sub-modules.

  • Student
  • Faculty / Department / Hall / Institute / College
  • Administrator

STUDENT MODULE: Students will be able to use their credentials to fill out forms, withdraw admit cards, apply for transcript marksheet certificates, payments, update personal information, view results, online support, routines, syllabus and more.

Faculty / Department / Hall / Institute / College Module: Using this module, the authority will be able to perform the work assigned to them. For example: valid student verification after filling the form, attendance report, Payment, Approval in respect of various applications, View Results, Seat Allocation, Issue Admit Card, View Roll sheet.

Administrator: As the director of the software as well as the regulatory body of all the institutions, the administrator will get all the benefits including sthe tudent module and access to the institute module. The main administrator will be able to create sub-admins with arbitrary permission and share responsibilities among different sections. Almost all the work of the Office of the Controller of Examinations starting from the admission process can be done easily and quickly without any hassle by this automation software which will speed up all the activities of an institution as well as bring a touch of digitization in the activities of students and affiliated institutes.

Below are the various features of the software-

  • Online Admission System
  • Student Database
  • Mailing system
  • Online payment system
  • Online FormFilap
  • Seat Allocation / Rollsheet Generate
  • Generate admit card
  • Script distribution, result processing, tabulation generation and publishing
  • Generate certificates, marksheets, transcripts and apply online
  • Online Verification
  • Update students' personal information
  • Online Student Support System

Online Admission System: The first step is running a university of the student admission process. With this software we will have all the facilities for students from applying for admission test to seat planning, result processing, migration system and subsequent admission activities by which students will be able to access all types of online services starting from the admission process using one platform.

Student Database: Every student will have all kinds of information in the software so that the students and the concerned authorities will be able to see all the necessary information using their username/password and will get all kinds of services for educational activities.

Mailing System (Postal Automation): A postal automation system with state-of-the-art mailing facilities including all kinds of official mail sending, category-wise storage, address book, the dashboard will give a new dimension to the use of this software.

Online Payment System: For all types of services for students, this software will have the facility of all types of online payments which will enable the students to pay their various fees using any online payment platform.

Online Form Fill up: Students will be able to fill-up the form as a regular, irregular, improvement candidate if they are deemed valid for the next exam. In this case, the administrator will create an exam in the name of the exam that will be taken and select the valid sessions. After the students complete the form, the departments/halls/ institutes will verify all the information of the students, then the administrator will be able to generate the rule sheet, generate the admit card, number the question papers, seat allocation, calculate the various transactions.

Seat Allocation / Roll sheet Generate: After filling up a specific exam form and verifying the information of all the examinees by the department, the administrator can generate the rulesheet with one click. In this case different types of custom patterns can be used for the rule. After generating the rulesheet, once the examinee selects which center to take the exam, all the information of the examinee including the admit card, photo attendance card will go to his department / hall / institute and center. The concerned departments will then collect information from their respective panels and complete the rest of the examination related activities.

Admit Card Generate: Generator Rule sheet, After Seat Allocation, Administrator can generate Admit Card and Attendance Sheet with photo with one click. The generated admit cards can be downloaded by the respective departments or students from their own panel, in which case the administrator can decide as per his / her wish.

You can. Students can download the admit from their own panel but can also download the relevant department / hall / institute admit and photo attendance copy.

Script Distribution, Result Process, Tabulation Generation and Publishing: There will be a separate panel for answer sheet distribution where the concerned department will record all the information of the answer sheet distribution and distribute it to the approved teachers as examiners. In this case, the concerned authority will give the user password to the approved testers. At the end of the input, download an Excel format of that number and keep it for yourself and print another copy and send it to the Office of the Controller of Examinations. This panel will have a test committee, a user panel with different facilities for tabulators so that you can add, change and refine the results later.

After inputting the number by the examiner, the examinee can generate tabulation with one click from the panel of the examination controller's office or the concerned department by processing all the other numbers of the examinee such as in course, practical, viva then after tabulation approval the students can publish the result At the same time the concerned departments / halls / institutes will also be able to see a copy of the result from their panel.

Certificates, Marksheets, Transcripts Generated and Online Application: The concerned authority can generate certificates, marksheets and transcripts along with the results published. And students will be able to apply online for withdrawal of certificates, marksheets, transcripts from specific panels and pay fees online. Students will also be able to apply for re-evaluation of results on this panel.

Online Verification: With this management software, the information of graduate, post graduate PhD holders who have passed from the university can be verified online from any part of the world.

Update the personal information of the students: The student or the concerned department / hall / institute will be able to correct the various types of personal information of the students such as own name, parent name, phone number address, various mistakes made while filling the form in accordance with the appropriate rules.

Online Student Support System: Using this panel, students will be able to report their various problems online to their respective authorities. Department / Hall / Institute / Administration will receive and respond to the support messages of the students in their respective panels.

Also any kind of customization, attachment can be done as per the demand of the university. Again the administration can use one or more of the required panels from the above panel if it wishes.

Above all, our university management software has almost all the facilities required to manage the affairs of a university in a beautiful, orderly, fast and easy manner.


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